Maricruz is no stranger to photography. Her passion for capturing memories began at an early age when her parents started giving her disposable film cameras. Some of her earliest memories with a camera began at family gatherings, snapping away every chance she got. Her passion grew when she received her very first point-and-shoot! It was only destined for her to continue following her love for capturing people’s stories when she got her hands on her first DSLR camera in 2010.

Ever since then, she quickly found herself reading, researching, studying and learning everything she could about technique, composition and storytelling through the view of her lens. Like so many others who follow a passion of capturing stories, her family became her motivation and muse. Before she knew it, her hobby had turned into a successful lifestyle photography business.

Maricruz’s style of photography is classic, clean and natural. She has a knack for making everyone feel comfortable at their photography sessions. She loves photographing children in their natural state – running around playing, being tossed into the air by dad or whispering secrets to each other. You will never feel forced to give a ‘cheesy’ smile during your session. She understands that most people are a little nervous before their sessions but she never lets that stop her from getting THE shot. Her personality will quickly set you to ease and you’ll begin to see how fun a photography session really is! You will walk away from your session feeling as if you just spent the last hour laughing with a really great friend.

And the best part is, now you have some amazing memories to go with your beautiful portraits.